Content Creation

This is where you need to get it right!


Content Creation

Maybe you’re one of these people who have the words flow through them, then definitely create your own copy. But if you don’t have that talent, or you simply don’t have the time? In that case, I can create it for you. As you probably know, most people only have a short attention span, so you need to get to the point before you lose them, with really clear headlines and strong copy.


Web copy

The text on your website is called web copy and you cannot have a website without it (although of course, there are exceptions). You will need to have the right copy to show to your current and potential customers what you’ve got, what you’re offering to them. Also, your copy needs to be SEO-proof. This way, you will start showing up in the Google search results for the terms and keywords that your ideal customers are looking for.


Other content

I can also write blog posts for you, content upgrades, opt-in offers, create an e-book, a social media strategy or an email marketing strategy for you. Potential customers should be able to experience your brand before they start buying. They need to get to know, like and trust you. You will also stay top of mind with people, so when they are ready to buy from you, they know where to find you.



You will need high-quality images on your website to grasp the attention of (potential) customers. I can help you find the right stock images, take pictures and edit images you have, also for social media and newsletters. Besides pictures, audio, videos and infographics are also important in getting across a company’’s message. I can give you guidelines, but I’m not an expert (unless you want something really simple, that I can do).

 Content is still king



For web copy and other content, it totally depends on your input and about how much information there is available about the subject. Usually, I write about 500 words per hour and ask between €50-€75 per hour, it depends on the total amount of content, the subject and if it is part of a bigger project we’re doing or not. Images are usually part of a package, let’s get in touch to discuss what you need.

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