Email Marketing

Old school? Hell no!



Although it exists for so many years now and you can almost call it old school, email marketing is still one of the most profitable marketing strategies for your business. A mistake many people make is that they expect customers to find you, your business. But it’s the other way round, you need to find them. Therefore, you need to be where they are already. This can be on Google, and with the right SEO-proof content you might find them there. Or on social media, where people spend lots of time. But think about their inbox! It’s a personal place just for them. If you respect this and truly give value, email marketing is a really effective marketing channel. But in the first place, it is an awesome way to further your relationship with the reader/customer.

The things I can help you with is:

  1. You list! Email marketing is only possible if you have an email list to send your campaign to. I can help you build your list, optionally with incentives.

  2. Creating an automated opt-in sequence to make it clear for people what you will do with their email address.

  3. Create great content to send to your list.

  4. Creating a strategy that works.

Get in touch if you want to know more or if you would like to work together.