Social Media Marketing

Because that’s where they all are…



One out of 4 people on this planet has a Facebook account and most of them are checking this account several times a day. People who say ‘it’s over’ haven’t seen these statistics, and that’s just Facebook, one of the many platforms. Knowing this, it’s easy to understand that social media is an amazing marketing opportunity.

It’s not always easy though to take advantage of this opportunity. The content you place needs to be tailored to each individual social media platform. Also, the days where you could simply post attractive content and easily grow your following are over. Nowadays, social media is only really free for users and if you want to reach them, you will have to pay. This is easy to understand if you know that social media companies make almost all of their money from advertisements. But if you choose the right social media platform for your business to invest money into, the costs are still very reasonable. Also, the better the ads, the less you spend.

I can help you choose the right platform, create tailored content for that specific platform, use it as a branding tool and we can create an ad strategy.

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